New to our studio and/or to Yoga?

Beginners welcome! No prior knowledge required.

If you want to try yoga for the first time, take our trial card for just €10 for one week – simply arrive about 20 minutes before the start of the class and explore our timetable. Bring along yoga clothes, 2 large towels and a water bottle (or borrow these from us). Attention: don‘t eat anything at least two hours before class!

In principle, you can participate in all of our yoga classes, although for beginners we recommend Hot 90, Hot 60, Back Yoga or Yin Yoga. Vinyasa Flow or Ashtanga Yoga classes are slightly more advanced.

Your first visit

Please arrive 20 minutes before
the class starts.
Bring yoga clothes, Yogamat
2 large towels and a water bottle.
Don‘t eat for 2 hours beforehand.
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- your first class with us: only 10 €
- your first 10 class pass: only 108 €
- your first 30 days with us: only 80 €
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1 Pass in 3 studios + online

your pass with Yoga College is also valid in the feelgoodstudio (in 1040 and 1070) as well as for our vast online offer!
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The Gift of Yoga

Now you can easily create
your own personalised
gift voucher for your friends,
colleagues and family
at your chosen value.
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Come with your yogaclothes, bring two towels and a waterbottle. We have a mat for you during your trial week. You can also rent mats and towels. As a service we provide showers and showergel, blowdryers, cottonpads, hairties etc. Our lobby and chilloutarea invite you to have tea and an apple after class or read a bit in our yoga-library.

Why Yoga?
Yoga brings fresh oxygenized blood to your whole body. With the asanas you stimulate your organs, glands and the nervous system. The system balance out and can work naturally again. The most important thing is to be honest to yourself and not rush into it. So you will see how fast your body and mind progreyy. Don’t compare what you do and your work with the others next to you – there is no competition in our yoga school.
Breathe and relax, enjoy the Yoga and your experience.

Neubaugürtel 47, 5th floor
Come in through the entrance at the street or directly from the garage. You can also take the escalator and bridge over the Gürtel from the subway or bus. Walk over the bridge and take a right after the cafe to get into the staircase, where you will find the elevator.