The story - the first modern yoga studio in Vienna

In 2005, together with Lilli Pock (who I got to know in Bikram Teacher Training), we founded the Yoga College Vienna.

The first years of our studio were a great time, we had huge success, and so many yogis simply came to us! It was as if they had all been waiting for us. After all, we were the first modern, spacious, clean and bright yoga studio in Vienna. Lilli and I did everything on our own – taking care of our yogis, cleaning, administering and managing the studio. It was an incredibly intense but also wonderful time. We knew every single person and worked up to 80 hours a week. We turned our hobby into a profession, a dream for many, and it wasn’t long before new yoga teachers emerged from our studio and many, many more yoga studios then began to appear…

Since 2014, I have run the Yoga College on my own and juggle many employees, three children and a husband (who commutes between here and America)… So – with such a lifestyle and a seemingly endless number of tasks each and every day, yoga really helps me to hold onto my inner peace and to keep my cool (every now and then)!

After almost a decade, we said goodbye to pure Bikram Yoga and opened our school to other styles of yoga. Since then, we have taught a wide variety of yoga styles with high quality, while also remaining true to the Bikram sequence with our Hot 90 class.

Here at Yoga College Vienna we have offered our yogis high quality, very well-trained teachers and individual coaching over many years. We rely on the old yoga teachings and traditions and do not jump on each and every trend. For us, it’s not about learning the handstand or taking a great photo for Instagram… It’s about focusing inwardly, getting in touch with your authentic self and allowing the transformation to happen.