Live Online Yoga Class

Yoga On - 26 Poses

Yoga at home – still connected. We stand strong as a community, creating new ways of interaction and togetherness.
26 Poses – that’s your well known and loved therapeutic Bikram Series. Obvisouly¬†without a hotroom. You practice the 26 poses in 60 minutes and still get the stron profits of this therapeutic yoga sequence and the unique way they are taught.
We will make you sweat anyways – or maybe¬†there’s nice sunny spot in your apartment close to the window or the balcony, anywhere cosy and warm. I remember the times of my beginnings, lacking a hotroom¬†in my city i practiced in the bathroom…
The live online yoga class can be accessed via your eversports account where you previously booked the class. The button will be active 15′ before class. Please book the latest 16′ in advance. Free classes can be booked and cancelled until 1 before.