Am I flexible enough for yoga? Am I even suited to beginning with yoga?

OF COURSE YOU ARE! To begin with us, you don’t have to any prior experience whatsoever. Yoga helps you to get to know your body, to connect with your inner self and transforms your body consciousness. Through the warmth, the muscles and tendons are softly worked and stretched. Actually it is a perfect workout for inflexible people!

Never too old, never too late, never too sick to start from scratch and begin allover again! (Bikram Choudhury)


Can I join any of your classes?

In principle yes, but there are classes that more suited to beginners and those that are slightly more advanced. You can easily identify them in our timetable. The orange world is for beginners and the blue world is for experienced yogis. In any case, please speak to your teacher ahead of the class and let them know, when you are new or almost new!

Here I get individual care that conveys not only sport but yoga in its full spectrum. Less ego, lots of heart!


Do I have to register in advance?

No, for normal ‘open classes’, that is, those shown on the schedule, you do not have to register and they are all included in your normal yoga card. For special classes or workshops, you need to register. Workshops are also paid separately!

I feel I’m in really good hands here, as they have so much passion and experience, and aren’t simply chasing after each passing trend.


How often do I have to or can I do yoga?

Preferably as often as possible! As with so many things in life, the key to success is regularity! The more you practise, the better your body can detoxify. Yoga works on many levels and if you practise regularly, your body will quickly remember. Over time, you will notice how bad habits simply slip away. You sleep better, crave nutritious food, lots of water and a ‘healthy’ lifestyle. It is best to integrate yoga into your daily routine, to plan your yoga practice precisely and to fix yoga dates, for example, also with other yogis.

I found my yoga home here!


Can I do yoga when I'm pregnant?

No problem. If you feel well and your doctor doesn’t mind, you can also continue with yoga practice during pregnancy. You just have to follow a few rules! Take more breaks, drink enough water before the class, no longer do abdominal exercises from the 12th week, and avoid strong twisting or compressing positions! You can also begin yoga from scratch, but then you shouldn’t start out with the Bikram series, should take a break for the first 12 weeks and enjoy lots of rest. Please let the front desk know if you are pregnant, so that we can give you appropriate tips and modifications for the exercises.

Yoga and being pregnant go well together. I have three children and had three relaxed births, then very quickly returned to my ‘normal’ body. I attribute this to my yoga practice during pregnancy!


Can I do yoga if I am injured, recovering from surgery or sick?

Our Hot 90 and Hot 60 class is especially therapeutic and also suitable for yogis with injuries or chronic diseases. It is important that you first clarify with your doctor whether you are allowed to do yoga and INFORM US! Some postures are not suitable under certain conditions or may have to be modified! All of our teachers are very knowledgeable and you can address them before the class or make an appointment by email, so that we can go through the positions with you.

You must NOT practice if you have recently had a heart attack, have a fever, an open wound or sutures, or are under the influence of medication, drugs or alcohol.

At Yoga College they place great emphasis on performing postures correctly. I had a herniated disc and couldn’t perform some movements. You responded to my needs and we modified the asanas. Now I am pain free and can do everything again! Thanks for that!


If my yoga is not going so well, what might be the reason?

There can be many explanations. During your yoga practice, the warmth and breathing result in intensive detoxification, tension is released, which can sometimes lead to headaches, nausea or dizziness. Another reason for feeling unwell during class might be that you haven’t drunk enough water beforehand. Be sure to compensate for the loss of fluid after class. It is especially important not to compare yourself with others and not to do too much. Take it easy, take breaks. There is no ultimate destination, feel inside your body and maintain calm breathing, then you can’t go wrong! Nothing in your yoga practice should or ought to cause pain!

Please contact us at the desk if you have pain, problems or questions – we can almost always help you!

With you I come to a class and learn a lot, but I can also spend half the class in child’s pose without feeling guilty as a result… There is no pressure to perform. I think that’s wonderful!


What is the difference between classes, special classes and workshops?

We have ‘open classes’ – these are all the yoga classes on our schedule. They mostly last 60 to 90 minutes. You can always attend without any pre-registration or prior knowledge. Special classes are yoga classes with specific themes, or new styles that we want to try out, such as a Bikram Beats class with music, a silent class without instruction, or a Yoga Nidra class.

Workshops are focused learning groups where we deal with a specific theme in yoga and want to deepen our experience. Workshops usually last three hours and take place on Saturday afternoons. We either invite special guest teachers, or our own experienced teachers conduct the workshops and share their knowledge. Please register for our special classes and workshops – either at the front desk or via our partner Eversports. You can also pay directly online. Or you can simply write an email to info@yogacollege.at